Welcome to Project WRX Zero!

Project WRX Zero is a joint project between Go E.V and Overev Racing Development.

The aim of Project WRX Zero is to increase awareness of electric-powered vehicles and their ability to compete with the best while running on a flow of electrons and with ZERO tail pipe emissions.

One of the main topics discussed when talking electric vehicles is distance. How far can you travel / race with the batteries in your vehicle before you need to recharge or change them and this comes down to your batteries energy to weight ratio.

At the moment, readily available batteries do not have the ability to carry enough energy to provide power for most racing categories. With this in mind our natural thought was to eliminate this problem.... welcome to Hill Climbs, not only are Hill Climbs circuits short but they are extremely suited to electric-powered vehicles with the large amounts of torque available.

As we progress, build, test, break, crash and more than likely cry a few more times than we want too, join is for the journey through all the teething problems we expect and the ones we did not foresee, it should be an interesting and hopefully enjoyable journey.

Friends of Project WRX Zero.